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There are two versions of the portal - one for the parents and one for the students, with each version customised for the needs of the user.

The parent portal gives the parents access to all the information about their child, which the school holds, as well as providing them with regular updates and notifcations about any issues relating to their child and the school more generally.

  • Dashboard
  • Your child
  • Resources

Parent calendar

The Parent Calendar section displays events intended for the parents and other key dates in the academic calendar.

  • Future events
  • Event ended

A published event can be added to the electronic calendars by clicking on the calendar symbol to the left of the entry.

A win for transparency

Through the portals, both parents and students have access to complete information on attedance, academic progress, assignments, discplinary matters and school news, which ensures complete transparency in all dealings between the parents, the students and the school.

The platforms encourage more frequent interaction between the parents/students and the teachers, which helps to identify and address any issues early.

Your child

This section contains information, which is specific to the student, such as the tasks, which they have been set, and offers access to current and previous academic reports.

The section includes details of all the student's teachers and provides hyperlinks for their email addresses, so that the parents can send messages to the teachers using the school's internal messaging service or their own external email.


Parents can access academic reports from previous years as well as monthly reports for the current year.

Parents receive email notification as soon as a new report is uploaded to the portal and can access the new report via a link provided.

Student portal

On the student portal, in addition to the functionality available on the parent portal, the student is able to assign tasks, view and amend his/her timetable and access school email and a range of additional information resources.

  • Dashboard
  • Resources
  • Planner
  • Task
  • Profile

Secure correspondance with teachers

The student portal offers a convinient and confidential avenue for students to reach out to teachers through a built in massaging system.

This messaging system operates concurrently with an external outlook based school-wide email system, which can also be accessed through the Resources tab on the main menu.

Planner and Task list

The planner functionality enables the student not only to view the most up to date timetable, which is regularly updated by academic staff, but also to add his/her own events to the timetable, thereby creating a fully integrated timetable.

The student can create a list of tasks with deadlines and mark their progress, which helps him/her to stay oragnised.

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