Staff Augmentation

Do you want to add staff without bearing the cost and liabilities of additional full time employees?

You can augment your team of in-house developers with the addition of experienced professionals, without hiring them as employees. We consider this option to be most suitable for long-term projects (6+ months), which are being progressed by an in-house team, but which, for one reason or another, require additional resources to be committed.

Depending on the sought after expertise, we are able to offer you professionals from within our team or identify suitable developers from our extensive network. It is ultimately at your discretion to choose among the proposed candidates, as you best know the project and your in-house team. We take responsibility for all the formalities and for maintaining open lines of communication between your in-house team and our developers.

Services comparison

You do

  • Provide a number and a skill set of required IT experts
  • Evaluate and approve team
  • Assign project tasks
  • Renew the contract

We do

  • Candidates market overview in 24 hours
  • Conduct recruitment process to check candidates’ personal skills and language proficiency
  • Conduct technical interviews
  • Suggest candidates and schedule an interview with your team
  • Provide workspace, facilities and technical equipment
  • Take care of daily administrative things


You get well-qualified team member, clean and robust code and successfully implemented product