Project Development

Looking for greater flexibility and scaling of operations in limited time?

The vast majority of managers at small and medium size companies regard project development outsourcing as both a time and cost efficient alternative to outright recruitment of a whole team. From a risk perspective, project development outsourcing is a turn-key solution, which takes the risk of cost overruns, a major concern in defined scope projects, away from you.

Project development outsourcing is best suited for businesses that have a defined project objective, are constrained by time and/or budget and do not have in-house engineers available to work on the project.

Services comparison

You do

  • Provide technical requirements
  • Approve estimate and project offer

We do

  • Analyze, gather and offer the project estimate (timeline and budget)
  • Submit project offer, pricing and schedule
  • Set up a team and start a project
  • Test and launch of a project
  • In case needed, continuous project support


You get well-qualified team member, clean and robust code and successfully implemented product