At Circle Square, we provide our clients with flexible engagement options, designed to maximise our value add proposition. We perform a thorough analysis of the client’s needs at the outset and recommend the most efficient engagement route for achieving the client’s objectives. Most of our clients select one of the following modes of engagement, although some prefer a hybrid approach, which we can also accommodate.

We provide:Project DevelopmentStaff AugmentationRelocation Specialist
Onsite Developer/Team
PMOn Demand
QAOn Demand
Developer/Team solely engaged with your projectOn Demand
Fast Start of the ProjectDepends on Visa availability
PM methodologySCRUMOn DemandOn Demand
Instant FeedbackUntil the final relocation
Candidates Interview
Continuous Client EngagementOn Demand
EstimatesSalary for the Team/Developer
After Release SupportOn Demand
BillingMonthly PaymentMonthly Rates%
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