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Our Services

At Circle Square, we provide our clients with flexible engagement options, designed to maximise our value add proposition. We perform a thorough analysis of the client’s needs at the outset and recommend the most efficient engagement route for achieving the client’s objectives. Most of our clients select one of the following modes of engagement, although some prefer a hybrid approach, which we can also accommodate.

You are looking to engage an experienced developer to join and provide full time support to your existing team, while the developer continues to be employed and managed by us.
recommended for:
  • Long term projects
  • Broad range of tech stacks
  • Established teams
If you are looking for a professional to join your company as a full time employee and having difficulties identifying the right candidate.
recommended for:
  • Limited recruitment ability
  • Permanent team extension
  • Niche tech stacks
If you have an idea for an online project that will address a gap in the market and need a partner to deliver that project efficiently and to a high standard.
recommended for:
  • No in-house tech team
  • Short-term projects
  • Fixed time or budget