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Our Services


You require:
You are looking for an expert developer, QA or a business analyst to join your company as a full time employee and having difficulties identifying the right candidate.
We offer:
Your requirements
We discuss your project, your requirements and your expectations of a candidate alongside your salary and benefits proposition.
Terms of engagement
We agree terms of engagement, the recruitment process and any relocation arrangements.
Suitable candidates
We expect to be in a position to put forward suitable candidates within 2-3 weeks of receiving an enquiry.
Your assessment
You can conduct any interviews and assessments that you consider necessary to evaluate the proposed candidates.
Choose a perfect fit
You select your preferred candidate and members of our legal team help you negotiate the terms of the employment contract.
Relocation and work set up
If the candidate is required to relocate, we provide full support to the candidate during this process, including family, visa, accommodation and travel arrangements.
Your benefits

Not having to deal 
with relocation 

A reliable and cost
 effective employee that
 fits all your criteria

Access to a broader pool 
of qualified talent