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Yapper – the definition of freedom of creative expression in a global world

Yapper is a creative micro-podcasting app, which allows users all over the world to create short audio messages (Yapps) tied to a particular location or an immovable item or structure. Any person using the app can see and listen to Yapps left by others in order to benefit from their knowledge and become better informed about their location.

What is your location association?

  • On Yapper, you can record new sound bites as well as upload previously recorded messages and podcasts and link them to a location of your choice.

  • If you are interested in the Yapps created by a particular person, you can search and listen to the Yapps left by that person, regardless of the location.

  • Yapper seeks to create a community of user, who will, through Yapps, share information and emotions.

Bringing together emotion, sound and location

  • More than being a useful way to spread knowledge, Yapper is a means of conveying subjective emotions or impressions whether you are travelling or going about your day to day activities.

  • Yapper offers great creative freedom to its users, but is equipped with essential filters to prevent the app becoming an outlet for abusive, offensive or illegal conduct.

  • From a design perspective, the simple and intuitive user interface helps the application cross language and cultural barriers.

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