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One access point for all your student needs

The online platform, which we have built, integrates all the crucial aspects of student life from enrolment and course selection to finance and communication with the student community.

The platform is accessible through a browser and through a mobile app. By integrating everything in one platform we have simplified access and saved time for students, who now only need to remember one login and password.

Main functionality:

  • Account
  • Enrolment
  • Finance
  • Courses
  • Timetable
  • Mail
  • Chat

A gateway to a complete university experience

We have created a user friendly integrated online platform catering for all the needs of university students, from enrolment to graduation. The platform is a single point of information as well as a means of communication between staff and students.

The platform guides students through the enrolment and course selection processes at the outset and, as the students progress through their studies, suggests courses that students can take to reach a desired major or minor.


With finances playing such an important role in university education, through the platform, students can monitor any fees due for payment and make payments using their bank accounts, credit cards or PayPal.


We simplified the course selection process and introduced an algorthm, which bars students from selecting courses for which they have not completed the prerequisite courses.

Timetables that update themselves

Timetables and changes to them are among some of the most confusing things that students experience at university. On the platfom that we have built, each student has a personal timetable for each day of the academic year, which is automatically updated.

What technologies did we use?

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