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Web Development

Royal Win

We were instructed by a large Israeli-based betting company to completely revamp their existing web application to improve user experience and attract a broader audience. Our objective was to create a real-time experience for users, which would feel as much as possible like a live game. The fact that there was an existing application base, which we had to build upon, made the project, in some respects, more difficult, because we had to get familiar with the existing structure and code and look to improve upon them, where possible.

The revamp of the application entailed an update to a range of casino games including blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

Technical features

  • Real-time video stream

    The tech team developed a wrapper for video streaming, which allowed users to both watch and participate in games.

  • Live web chat

    A live web chat was introduced for direct communication between the players and the dealers. An interactive system of betting was introduced using functional video layers and WebSocket technology.

  • Spectator mode

    A spectator mode was created for those wishing to watch the games passively. In this mode, users can interact with other spectator users through web chat.

The latest evolution of Roulette

A classic game of roulette adapted for the realities of today

Real-time video

Simultaneous connection between the players and the dealer using real-time video streaming.

Play hundreds online casino games

A single dashboard, which allows users easy access to a variety of games and tracks their progress and preferences


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