Circle Square represents a successful blend of the renowned technical capabilities of Eastern European software engineers and the client oriented approach and values expected and shared by our Western European and US partners. We are able to achieve this blend through meaningful presence in multiple jurisdictions of local professionals, who are all part of our team and share our values. This balanced blend allows us to accurately tailor our solutions to the needs of our partners and to fully meet their expectations on delivery.


At Circle Square, we are able to offer a range of software solutions, which is broader than the range offered by our competitors. In addition to a team of our own IT specialists, we are able to rely on an extensive network of professionals that can be pulled into niche projects at short notice. This unique network has been built by our founders over a period of over 10 years of working in senior positions for flagship industry companies.

Why choose us?

  • A company headquartered in the U.K.
  • Highly experienced founders
  • Access to a unique network of IT professionals
  • Focus on responsiveness, quality of delivery and consistency
  • Emphasis on building long term relationships