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About us

Who we are

Since we were established in 2015, we have deliberately been open to various modes of engagement to suit the needs of our clients. We have done everything from turn-key projects to direct outstaffing of senior developers and a variety of hybrid arrangements in-between.


This flexibility has allowed us to work with companies across the corporate spectrum - from NASDAQ listed companies to early stage startups. We adhere to the view that there is nothing more valuable than reputation and this approach has helped us earn the trust of our clients and build long standing relationships.

PrinciplesWe do not compromise on


We have been involved in projects on which, due to time or budget constraints, clients asked us to cut corners in order to arrive at an imperfect end product. The quality of each project that we take on is a reflection of our reputation, which is too precious to compromise on.



We aim to be transparent in all our engagements with clients because we firmly believe that transparency is the foundation of every trusting and constructive relationship. From our recruitment process to the way in which we arrive at our estimates, we share the logic of how we think and operate with our clients.



We recognise the importance of keeping clients up to date on progress and raising any issues early. All our developers are fluent in English and are focused on building close relationships with our clients and their teams.

Our Benefits

Why choose us

UK headquartered

Our team is split across Ukraine and UK, which helps us stay closer to our clients.

We understand our clients

More than just speaking their language, we aim to anticipate the requirements of our clients.

Quality senior professionals

We take an exceptionally rigorous approach to recruitment and professional development in the knowledge that our reputation is built on the quality of our developers.


We constantly monitor the market in order to remain competitive on pricing and keep up with innovations.